Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So this Halloween was one my favorites. My sister in law sent me these costumes she made for her family a few years ago. She had twins so they were pebbles & bam-bam. We of course don't have bam-bam yet but maybe next year. You couldn't really tell what Iyrlend was unless she was with us cuz she won't let me put anything in her hair let alone a bone. I took her trick-or-treating at my mom's work on Friday & she wore her flower costume that I bought a while ago but she looks like a fairy without out wings cuz she wouldn't wear the hat. Oh well I still think she's freakin cute. But she got so much candy at Skywest that we didn't even take her trick-or-treaking again on Halloween. Not that she even needs any candy, but she was loving it. She would take like handfuls put it in her bag and reach for more. Every year on Halloween my mom makes hot dogs & hot chocolate for the trick-or-treater's so we always go over there & help. Iyrlend just ran around all night in her little boots & loved it. We had a fun time, here's some pictures to prove it.