Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Shopping/Modbe Blowout Sale in St. Geezy

Any one need some last minute Christmas gifts? Here's so more info for some last minute Christmas gifts.....

Monday December 22nd 10 am – 2pm

Modbe Blowout Sale in St George

$ 5 Shirts, Skirts, Swim Bottoms

$5 Kidbe

$15 Swim Tops

$25 or 2 for $40 Juliette and Naomi Jeans (not shorts – Jeans)

(Irregular – Manufacturer Defect. Try on there to find the pair that fits you.)

Cash or Card

10,000 + items on hand to take with you that day.

896 W Blue Mnt Rd


Located in Green Springs

(Sliverstone Three Development)

Also I have a few Modbe items on hand that I will sell for awesome discounts, plus no tax or shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay. Take a look and get your items right away for amazing prices! The items I have are:

Jane- Regular 32 1/2 inseam SIZE 2 regularly $78.00 I'll sell for $50.00

Core Capri-Charcoal
SIZE L regularly $46.00 I'll sell for $29.00

Balance Tank-White SIZE M regularly $32.00 I'll sell for $20.00

Printed Tee-Black & Gray SIZE M regularly $19.00 I'll sell for $14.00

Second Skin Cap Sleeve-Black
SIZE M regularly $18.00 I'll sell for $13.00

Camisole- Black
SIZE L regularly $16.00 I'll sell for $11.00

Hoodie with a Tie-Heather Gray
SIZE L regularly $39.00 I'll sell for $26.00

Second Skin Cap Sleeve-White SIZE XL
regularly $18.00 I'll sell for $13.00

Kidbe Pajamas-Teal & Brown Stripe
Top & Bottom SIZE L regularly $14.0o for each I'll sell both for $19.00

If you have any questions or want to come look at the items in person and or try anything on before you decide, let me know! Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Time

So it's been quite a while since I've posted anything so I thought I would do a quick little post. This past weekend I went with my family up to Provo for a family Christmas party. Zach had to work so just Iyrlend and I went. It was fun to see family and get in the Christmas spirit but it was sooo cold and snowy so the whole time I just kept saying how glad I was that it doesn't snow in STG. Well what has it done today nothing but SNOW! Kinda cool cuz we never get it but not cool cuz it's cold and it really sucks when you have a baby cuz it's so hard to go anywhere. I don't know how people do it in SLC and with lot's of kids. I don't want to find out either. Any way.....Maybe I should do a little recap of everything that's been going on with us since it's been so long. Last month we had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in St. George with my family. This month we have just been going to Christmas parties and getting ready for school to finally be over! WAHOO....But I am pretty upset because we only get a 2 week break instead of 3 and I think were the only school in Utah that is having finals this week instead of last week which makes me angry but at least it's almost over! Iyrlend is 7 and half months, has two teeth, and gets into everything! We're almost ready for Christmas, we got the tree up a while ago but have yet to take a picture so I'll have to do that before Christmas comes and goes. But we're super excited for Iyrlend's first Christmas it will be a fun. I even made Christmas cards this year and have given about half out the rest might get to everyone before New Years! Maybe I'll post that too but I'm too lazy right now so here's a few pics from this weekend of Iyrlend in her super cute Christmas tutu, that we got at the Dicken's Festival.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Modbe 30% Sale End Tomorrow

Just a reminder that I am now selling Modbe and currently EVERYTHING is 30% off. The sale ends tomorrow so hurry and do your Christmas shopping TODAY. Not only do you get the 30% off but if you order 3 or more items you get another 10% off. All you have to do is go to then when you get to check enter the promo code above to get the 30% off and also put party #1112 for the 10% off. They have some super cute stuff that's super cheap right now so at least check it out! Thanks! Any questions let me know.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Pics

Zach's sister Davi was down in St. George last weekend so we decided to take advantage of her great photography skills and have her do a quick family photo shoot for us since we haven't had any family picutres since Iyrlend's been born. They turned out great and of course all the best ones were of Iyrlend so here's a few. Iyrlend looks so big in this last one, it's kinda makes me sad she's not just a little baby anymore, I can't believe it. Her first two teeth are coming in and that really hit me hard that she's growing so fast and is closer to being a year old than being a new born. Boy how the time flies!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Little Bumble Bee

So as you can see for Halloween Iyrlend was a bumble bee and I think just about every baby girl her age was too, which was fine this year but because I like to be different it looks like I'm going have to start getting creative for the halloweens to come. Any way my mom always makes hot dogs and hot chocolate for the trick or treaters so we went over to her house and helped. I was an orange witchy and Zach was the natural DORK he always is. He was way excited about his nerd costume he threw together the night before so he could be dressed up at work for the costume contest which he won for the FUNNIEST costume and got $50 bucks for it. Hope everyone had a great halloween I know we sure did.

Grandpa Norm

This past week has been a bit of a crazy one for my family. But with everything that happened it made us all really step back and realize how lucky we are. My grandpa Norm had a minor heart attack on Monday. He didn't even know he had a heart attack until he finally went into the doctor Tuesday. His chest had been bothering him for about a week but he never went to the doctor and just kept on golfing and going on like nothing was the matter. Finally on Tuesday he decided he better go in since not only was his chest hurting but his heart too. Once he got to the doctor they told him he had a minor heart attack and was really lucky that was all that happened because his arteries were so blocked. A lot of times they can just put stints in but his arteries were too blocked for stints so they scheduled a bypass surgery for Wednesday. Luckily everything went great, he has been doing and looking a lot better than expected and is recovering just wonderfully! He really was not looking forward to the surgery and the recovery time and was making us all nervous that he might not go through with it but my mom informed him that he lost is agency in this case and he was having the surgery no matter if he wanted to or not. I think he's glad he did now because he's feeling pretty good. He's not much of sit down relax kinda guy so it's been really weird to see him sitting in a hospital bed and he wasn't too excited about the down time that comes with surgery but he seems to be excepting it. I love my grandpa Norm so much and I'm so glad everything went so well, he's the best grandpa and thanks goodness he's still with us!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Serious Stuff

So we just got back from a week long vaca to Cali! We went to Disneyland for three days and just hung out at the beach with my sister-in-law Davi her husband Cody, and their kids Oaklee and Beckham. Beckham is about 2 months older than Iyrlend and Oaklee is 3 so we did lot's of kid stuff at Disneylan and it was a blast. When we told people we were going everyone kept asking if we were taking Iyrlend and my thought was of course why would I go to Disneyland (or any where for that matter at this point at least) with out my child. But I do see that some people might think oh boring you can't ride any rides you have to have a stroller blah blah blah. Well welcome to parenthood, I thought!! Now everything you do is a lot harder than it use to be but you do it all so you kids can have fun. Well that's not the case at Disneyland! It's a whole different experience with a baby or just young kids. I've been to Disneyland lot's of time the first time when I was even younger than Iyrlend so to me just taking the babies is what you do. But I never realized that it doesn't even stop you from riding the rides. Before I new that I didn't care much cuz the last few times I've gone my favorite part has been the food, ha well not just the food but just the whole experience. I just love being there no matter how many rides I go on, I guess it's just cuz it's the happiest place on earth. Any way there is a number of rides you can go on with babies. And all the ones that you can't take a baby on you get on faster than everyone else. There's these passes called stroller or parent passes and you're suppose to have one couple wait in the regular line go on the ride then get the pass for the couple that is with the kids, but sometimes they make you show the baby to get the pass. So occasionally we would just go up and show the kids and get the pass the first time before any one had waited in line and then it's like you have a fast pass so you just have to wait in that line. It wasn't too busy when we were there so we hardly needed them but on the last day when UEA had started and it was packed we got one for SPLASH MOUNTAIN and it was amazing. Any way Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth they promote children and families, thank goodness someone in this world still does. Any way, the only picture I have so far is this super serious(I got really into could you tell?) one from the Buzzlightyear ride that they e-mail to you. Soon I'll have lot's of fun ones of us and Mickey and Iyrlend loving the beach.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Modeling Session

So Iyrlend had a little modeling session with Grandma Voran the other day. My mom found this adorable outfit for Iyrlend but had no idea that the hat was so cute cuz it was just in a bad connected to the shirt so when I brought her over in this my mom went nuts and had a little photo shoot. Iyrlend's quite the model if you ask me. She pulls so many facial expressions and sometimes even smiles when she see's a camera. I loved all these pics so much if you can't tell I couldn't narrow it down so here they all are.

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My lil model

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally after over a month a new POST!

So Iyrlend is 5 months now! I can't believe how time flies everyone warns you but in the begining of course you don't realize how true it is. My good friend/cousin-in-law Mia just had a baby and when I went to see him I sounded like everyone when they saw Iyrlend because I just couldn't believe how small he was and I really don't remember her being that small even though she was actually smaller than him, it is truly crazy. I love Iyrlend's age though, she is always smiling and squeeling and laughing if Zach's around. She's laughed for me a few times but mostly just for Daddy. She never naps so my house is usually a total disaster and I'm lucky if I get to get ready for a the day which can be a problem since I'm going to school so life is a bit crazy but I love it. Being a mom is the hardest thing ever but definatly the most rewarding. And seeing Zach and how wonderful he is with her and what a great father he is one of the greatest things ever. Any way life is good in the Gates home. Between school, work, and being parents life is crazy and exciting. Here's a few pics or more like a whole ton of the one and only Iyrlend Brittyn.......(The first few pics are some older pics that my sister in law Dani took of Iyrlend and her daughter Maggie, I don't think I posted them yet and I don't know why so here they are now)