Saturday, October 18, 2008

Serious Stuff

So we just got back from a week long vaca to Cali! We went to Disneyland for three days and just hung out at the beach with my sister-in-law Davi her husband Cody, and their kids Oaklee and Beckham. Beckham is about 2 months older than Iyrlend and Oaklee is 3 so we did lot's of kid stuff at Disneylan and it was a blast. When we told people we were going everyone kept asking if we were taking Iyrlend and my thought was of course why would I go to Disneyland (or any where for that matter at this point at least) with out my child. But I do see that some people might think oh boring you can't ride any rides you have to have a stroller blah blah blah. Well welcome to parenthood, I thought!! Now everything you do is a lot harder than it use to be but you do it all so you kids can have fun. Well that's not the case at Disneyland! It's a whole different experience with a baby or just young kids. I've been to Disneyland lot's of time the first time when I was even younger than Iyrlend so to me just taking the babies is what you do. But I never realized that it doesn't even stop you from riding the rides. Before I new that I didn't care much cuz the last few times I've gone my favorite part has been the food, ha well not just the food but just the whole experience. I just love being there no matter how many rides I go on, I guess it's just cuz it's the happiest place on earth. Any way there is a number of rides you can go on with babies. And all the ones that you can't take a baby on you get on faster than everyone else. There's these passes called stroller or parent passes and you're suppose to have one couple wait in the regular line go on the ride then get the pass for the couple that is with the kids, but sometimes they make you show the baby to get the pass. So occasionally we would just go up and show the kids and get the pass the first time before any one had waited in line and then it's like you have a fast pass so you just have to wait in that line. It wasn't too busy when we were there so we hardly needed them but on the last day when UEA had started and it was packed we got one for SPLASH MOUNTAIN and it was amazing. Any way Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth they promote children and families, thank goodness someone in this world still does. Any way, the only picture I have so far is this super serious(I got really into could you tell?) one from the Buzzlightyear ride that they e-mail to you. Soon I'll have lot's of fun ones of us and Mickey and Iyrlend loving the beach.

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Me said...

I love this post! Disneyland sounds great! Remember when we all went?! I like your blog layout, so festive :) Way cute pics of the vacation!