Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I'm loving right now....

One of my friends did this post today so I thought I'd hop back into the blogging world after 7 months and copy her.....

Right now I am loving my little family even the craziness of having two kid, as hard as it is sometimes, most days I just sit back and think is this really my life cuz it’s pretty awesome.

Though I’m not loving not having my brother just a phone call, text, or 15 minute drive away I am loving these.

I am loving a new tradition my grandma, mom and I just started. We're going to have a project Saturday at least once each month where we take turns helping each other do a project we've been wanting to do at our house or what not. So last Saturday we had our first one and we got a pedicure (that I’m loving) and did a little shopping for things we all needed for some projects. While shopping I found this awesome ctr ring, that I'm really loving.

I also love my new hair cut, my hair really needed something and this cut and bangs seem to be just what it needed.

Another love is some free formula, that I got from Zach's cousin, who can't love that.

I saw this brilliant organizing tip on a blog and am loving it. You just attach the sticky hooks to the back of a cupboard.

I am loving my new love for the DI and the great finds I find there.

I am loving waking up and having sore abs today thanks to this brilliant website: http://randomabs.com/today/, they post a different routine everyday.

I am loving that for the first time in a long time I am doing my visit teaching. Along with that I truly love our new ward and where we live.

Oh and what I'm really loving this week is kids that aren’t sick anymore, such a happier house for everyone.

I don't have it yet but soon I know I will be loving this soap from Renee.

I'm not sure if I love it but I love the $ and the people watching that comes along with giving Plasma, can't get much better than $50 for 3 hours of people watching.

I am loving Coyote Exchange and my new jeans from there. What's better then getting new clothes in exchange for old ones. Plus I think I prefer second hand jeans I wear a smaller size & they already fit like your favorite pair!

I love having a camera again so that I can actually make this post more exciting. Plus the finding of old pics that came along with a new camera once we put the old sim card in that had 500+ pictures on it.

In a few months I'll be loving this even more than I did this time! Iyrlend will love it so much more and Easton will be there to enjoy it too.

Last but not least I love my husband and how hard he works. I also love his wonderful job and love even more how much he loves it. I love it for reasons like us getting to go to Vegas this weekend for a conference and getting to stay here, for super cheap!

What are you loving right now?