Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th of July Wreath

Do you use Pinterest? If not you are missing out, it's a virtual pinboard. You know when you find something online you like & you bookmark it and then if you're like me you have so many bookmarks you don't know where to find that awesome DIY project you found 2 months ago. If you have this problem you need to join Pinterst, you have to have an invite but just leave me your email and I'll send you one. While on Pinterest I found this wreath I wanted to try, unfortunately it was basically just a picture on someones blog not a whole tutorial so we kinda just figured it out on our own. I did it with my friend Bethany who is one of those people that I like to refer to as "hiding in a hole" cuz she's not on Facebook and doesn't have a blog but don't worry she really exists in the real world. We haven't done anything for ages but we got together a few weekends ago for a girls weekend in Vegas with 4 of our other friends it was a total blast, hopefully I'll blog about that within the next year, ha. Any we decided we were going to be crafty so this was our first attempt and though it took us a while I think they turned out awesome. If anyone is wanting to make a last minute 4th of July wreath here's how we did it. If you're as thrifty as me & you make it with a friend you could make each wreath for around 5 bucks! I found the felt at the DI, they sale packages of pre-cut fabric so it was $5 for 5 different colors of felt & there just so happened to be red, white, & blue all in one package. I also saw on Pinterest that someone used foam tubing from the pluming dept at a hardware store for a cheap wreath form. Ours was a $1.25 I think and there was extra tubing after we cut what we needed for our wreath. You have to cut it to the size you want and then duct tape it but it worked fine. We got wood stars and painted them white, curled some wire, hot glued it behind the stars and them hot glued them in the blue area. We cut the felt into 2x2 squares & I think we used about a yard each of each color. The hot glue does melt the foam a little so I put it on the fabric & then stuck it to the wreath. That's pretty much it. Let me know if you try it & how it turns out.