Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Adorable NEPHEW Beckham!

So my last post was about my baby shower I had up north a few weekends ago and that same day March 8th my sister-in-law Davi had her baby boy Beckham. She was induced about a week early and he still weighed 8lbs! My mom and I stopped and saw them at the hospital on our way home and they both looked great! Beckham didn't even look like a new born since he was so big. This weekend they came down for Easter and Zach finally got to see Beckham, he was so excited, he has a number of nieces and as much as he loves all of them there hasn't been a new nephew in quite some time. On top of that it made him super excited to have a little baby of his own to hold, even if it will be a girl. ;) We were lucky enough to have Davi, her husband Cody, our niece Oaklee, and new nephew Beckham stay at our house so we got some extra time with the little guy. I'm horrible though and didn't take one picture but luckily Davi sent me some adorable pictures of Beckham so I thought I'd post them so you can all see how cute our new little nephew is. So Davi had Beckham March 8th, my other sister-in-law Dani is due with her little girl April 18th, and I'm due with Iryeland May 16th. How fun for our little ones to be a month a part from each other. I know they'll be close little cousins and I'm SO EXCITED!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby Shower #1

So a few weeks ago my cousin Jessica gave me an awesome baby shower at her house in Kaysville. It was really nice to have a shower up North because lot's of my family got the chance to come, that probably wouldn't have been able to make it down to STG. It was so good to see everyone and I truly got "Showered" with so many great gifts. As you can see from the pictures, we played the game where you cut ribbon in the size you think my belly is and then everyone comes and measures there's to see how close they get. My mom's cousin Hillorie was right on, she only had like half a inch of ribbon left. It was a lot of fun and I'm so lucky to have such great family! Thanks everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2008

So Zach has been super busy lately. Him and our brother-in-law Paul started G&H Washing, a mobile car washing company. They just started getting things going the last few weeks. It was a little hard with both of them being in school and having other jobs but they've managed to make some time and now they're doing great! They've been out doing some advertising handing out flyers and what not to different businesses. So I thought I would do a little advertising for them myself. Just like the card says, "They Come to You!" at work, home etc... They do regular washes, washes with vacuum, and full car details. If you're interested or know anyone who might be let me know and we'll get you some info. or just give Zach a call. I'm super excited for them to get this business going, I know they'll do great! I'm amazed at how ambitious and determined Zach is and it's so great to know I have such a hard working husband that will always provide for our family. Lucky Me! :)