Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some more pics!

So since I don't have a computer at my house I get a bit behind on the whole blogging thing and then have a lot of catching up to do. So here's some pics of Iyrlend from the past month or so.

This is all the fam at Iyrlend's blessing!

Iyrlend and Papa Voran

*Four Generations*

This is our niece Chevia and the dress Iyrlend is wearing was actually her blessing dress.

Chevia and Iyrlend

Our Happy Little Family

Zach holding Iyrlend and our niece Maggie who's only two weeks older than Iyrlend. She was blessed the day before Iyrlend.

Iyrlend's Cute Pink Toe Nails

Iyrlend and her cousin Beckham

They had fun grabbing at each other and rubbing each other's tummies.
Iyrlend and Daddy

Do you think she's a Daddy's girl?

Iyrlend and Maggie again, this time sharing a car seat. (Zach thought of this idea, of course!)

So as you can see our life is baby baby baby but we love love love it. As the pictures show we blessed Iyrlend on the 3rd of Aug. Zach gave a beautiful blessing and it was wonderful day. Thanks to everyone who came and all those who brought delicious food for the luncheon after. Zach's still working hard almost everyday and we're both getting ready to go back to school in less than two weeks, I'm a little excited and Zach isn't quite so much but he'll survive I think. So all is going well in the Gates home.


Erika said...

What a sweetie, she's getting so big! And the blessing looks wonderful!

davi said...

Wish we could have been there. she looks just like oaks did on her blessing day, wel maybe just the dress i have a picture of chevia and oaks that lokks just like the one of her and Iyrlend.

Tiffani said...

oh! i wish i would've known about Iyrlend's blessing. I totally would have loved to be there. I'm sorry I wasn't.

I'm so glad all is well and you are happy.

You're lovely.

Griffin said...

Bret! i have not seen you for so long! Iyrlend is so freaking cute! (I can definatly tell she looks like you) I'm so happy for you and zach! You sure are a beautiful family!