Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I'm loving right now....

One of my friends did this post today so I thought I'd hop back into the blogging world after 7 months and copy her.....

Right now I am loving my little family even the craziness of having two kid, as hard as it is sometimes, most days I just sit back and think is this really my life cuz it’s pretty awesome.

Though I’m not loving not having my brother just a phone call, text, or 15 minute drive away I am loving these.

I am loving a new tradition my grandma, mom and I just started. We're going to have a project Saturday at least once each month where we take turns helping each other do a project we've been wanting to do at our house or what not. So last Saturday we had our first one and we got a pedicure (that I’m loving) and did a little shopping for things we all needed for some projects. While shopping I found this awesome ctr ring, that I'm really loving.

I also love my new hair cut, my hair really needed something and this cut and bangs seem to be just what it needed.

Another love is some free formula, that I got from Zach's cousin, who can't love that.

I saw this brilliant organizing tip on a blog and am loving it. You just attach the sticky hooks to the back of a cupboard.

I am loving my new love for the DI and the great finds I find there.

I am loving waking up and having sore abs today thanks to this brilliant website: http://randomabs.com/today/, they post a different routine everyday.

I am loving that for the first time in a long time I am doing my visit teaching. Along with that I truly love our new ward and where we live.

Oh and what I'm really loving this week is kids that aren’t sick anymore, such a happier house for everyone.

I don't have it yet but soon I know I will be loving this soap from Renee.

I'm not sure if I love it but I love the $ and the people watching that comes along with giving Plasma, can't get much better than $50 for 3 hours of people watching.

I am loving Coyote Exchange and my new jeans from there. What's better then getting new clothes in exchange for old ones. Plus I think I prefer second hand jeans I wear a smaller size & they already fit like your favorite pair!

I love having a camera again so that I can actually make this post more exciting. Plus the finding of old pics that came along with a new camera once we put the old sim card in that had 500+ pictures on it.

In a few months I'll be loving this even more than I did this time! Iyrlend will love it so much more and Easton will be there to enjoy it too.

Last but not least I love my husband and how hard he works. I also love his wonderful job and love even more how much he loves it. I love it for reasons like us getting to go to Vegas this weekend for a conference and getting to stay here, for super cheap!

What are you loving right now?


Courtney said...

Haha I'm so awesome and IMPATIENT! I love your post! (keep blogging!)
I've done my v.t. the last 2 months and am loving it too!
Love your hair blonder too!
I forgot..when are you going to Disneyland again!? We're going in April! That would be so crazy if we ended up being there the same time again! Maybe we'd actually get together this time haha!

Cody, Tawsha, and Ashlee said...

cute blog and what a great way to catch us up...your welcome for the formula...i still have a ton, so i may have more for you..some expires in feb and march so if i don't get through it i'll give it to ya..lucan will be 1 on march 14th and if i have more at that point you can have it all..

The Terry's said...


jacie brooke said...

Love that you finally blogged! Such a cute idea. I may even copy you so i can catch up!

tifsong said...

I love what you're loving. I also love that family portrait, you really have quite the beautiful family, bret!

Ashley D. said...

I love your post! I actually did a similar post a few days ago! Nothing like sharing what makes you smile with others! You can't beat the free formula, and I actually am loving the manicure I have left on for exactly a month! Woot! Woot! Cute blog!


Merrin said...

Just came across your blog. I'm trying to survive college and next year, medical school, and getting over an upsetting break-up. And I see your blog, and I just think, it would be a tremendous blessing to one day have what you have--the beautiful little family. I so look forward to that one day. You are incredibly blessed! :)

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