Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prego Pic

Here it is! A prego pic of me, finally! This is me at 27 weeks. Only three months to go, WAHOO!!


Matt & Laura Edwards: said...

Bret, you look great! This is Laura (Jacobson) Edwards by the way. I am Matt's wife. Just reminding you of who I am, in case you fogot :) We had lunch with Zach and the guys over the weekend in St. George. I was hoping you'd be there so that I could see you and your cute tummy. And I also didn't want to be the only chica there, well I was and it actually wasn't bad at all. Still missed you though :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful Bret, and I love the dark hair! Hope you are feeling good and getting enough sleep. :)

Nikki (your aunt in GA)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the belly picture. I love it. You are going to be the cutest Mom around;)

Love Mom

Erika said...

Too cute Bret! I can't believe all these babies!!! Zach's pic is nice too! I like the new blog!

Jacie said...

bret i'm glad i found your blog! its way cute and i love this picture! Can't wait for the baby! See ya at the doctors ha ha just kidding